Is CBD Beneficial In asthma Treatment?

CBD To Treat Asthma
CBD To Treat Asthma

CBD has increased in popularity as it can treat many health conditions. It is capable of treating inflammation and as asthma is a chronic lung disease caused by the inflammation of the airways, many people are wondering if CBD can help treat their asthma symptoms. Can CBD oil treat asthma? Read ahead to know.

Can CBD Treat Asthma? 

CBD is gaining popularity these days owing to the antioxidant trait it holds together with the anti-inflammatory properties. Using CBD oil might decrease the hyperresponsiveness in the airways of asthma patients, making their lungs less sensitive to asthma triggers. This means reduced flare-ups and symptoms. A 2019 study conducted in mice found that CBD reduced inflammation in the airway and hyperresponsiveness induced with allergic asthma. However, more human studies are necessary to find if CBD oil can be an effective asthma treatment.

Using CBD To Treat Asthma 

CBD oil can be consumed orally by putting CBD oil drops in your mouth. Even though researchers have made use of mist versions in animal studies, vaping or smoking CBD is not advised as it might lead to airway irritations. As human clinical studies on CBD oil and asthma are lacking, effective CBD dosages for asthma treatment are unknown. As per the information available from various researches, a maximum of 1500 milligrams of CBD per day can be safe for human use.

If your healthcare professional suggests adding CBD to your asthma treatment plan, they can also suggest an appropriate dosage. The right CBD dosage for you can depend on many factors like your body weight, the method of consumption, and the type of the product. Your doctor might suggest adjustments to the dosage depending on how you respond to the CBD treatment for asthma.

Will CBD Interact With Asthma Medications? 

It is not yet known if CBD can interact with asthma medications. You should not stop taking your current medications for asthma or change doses without discussing them with your doctor. Studies have found that CBD can interact with other medications by the way it affects some enzymes in our body that are used to metabolize these medicines. Therefore, you should discuss with your healthcare provider before using CBD if you take medications like diclofenac, risperidone, warfarin, omeprazole, theophylline, and rifampicin.

Finding a pure and organic kind of CBD oil is of high significance as it guarantees multitudinous health benefits. Additionally, buying from a reputable CBD manufacturer can help ensure the quality of the CBD product that you are buying.