Comparison Between Hemp CBD And Cannabis CBD

Hemp CBD And Cannabis CBD
Hemp CBD And Cannabis CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is an element present in both the cannabis plant and also in the hemp plant. Even though there is no difference between the chemical formulae and molecular structure of hemp CBD and cannabis CBD, there are many differences between the products made from these elements. Some of the differences between CBD obtained from marijuana and hemp plant are as follows.

Cannabinoid Content

Most of the CBD products are made of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. These forms of CBD will be having many cannabinoids like CBG and CBN other than CBD. These compounds will be also having the presence of THC. This is the main difference between CBD derived from the marijuana plant and the hemp plant. THC is the element present in the cannabis plant that can offer a psychoactive effect and it constitutes about 30 percent of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, while there is only 0.3 percent in the hemp plant.


CBD products can be made with Cannabidiol from the cannabis plant and hemp plant, but it is only legal to manufacture goods with hemp CBD because in many places cannabis CBD is still considered as a schedule I drug. This is because of the mind-altering effect of cannabis. If the governments provide legal status for the cultivation of cannabis plants, there is a high chance of misuse. However, there are also some places selling medical marijuana products under strict guidelines.

Effect On The User

CBD derived from the cannabis plant will cause a high to the user but hemp CBD will not make a person psychoactive. This is the main difference between these products. Mostly, CBD products derived from hemp plants are used for improving the mental and physical health of a person because it will improve concentration and metabolism rate of the body. On the other hand, THC CBD is used mainly for getting immediate relief from depression, chronic pain, etc. Even though both of them can be used interchangeably, CBD derived from cannabis is more effective for severe conditions.

There are a lot of other differences between CBD extracted from a cannabis plant and a hemp plant. The major reason for these variations is the difference in concentration of THC. Another difference is that hemp products are considered as a medicinal or nutritional supplements and cannabis products are seen as potential medicines.