What Is The CBD Certificate Of Analysis? Why It Is Important

CBD Certificate Of Analysis
CBD Certificate Of Analysis

There are a few things that you must be aware of when it comes to the CBD certificate of analysis (CoA). The first thing is that not all of the CBD manufacturers do it.

Since the CBD market is still in its infancy and not regulated to the true sense of the word, there aren’t many companies that go the extra length to perform a CoA on their products and make the information available to the public. This gives you an idea of the company’s integrity and the commitment it is making to its consumers.

The purpose of the CoA is to tell you, the consumer what is in the product and equally important is what isn’t in the product.

What Is It On The CoA That You Don’t Want To See?

A good CoA will make sure to test for the presence of heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium. The presence of these metals is measured in ppm or parts per million and should be less than what is called the detection limit (DL). The detection limit is set at 0.01 ppm and if the CoA shows that the concentration is within 0.01 ppm for all of the 4 metals that you are good to go.

Some of the other things that you don’t want to see in your CBD include pesticides like organochlorine, organophosphorus pesticides, synthetic pyrethroids, herbicides and so on. It should note ‘not detectable’ (ND) beside each and every one of them. Even the test for microbials like E.Coli, mold, yeast and salmonella should come back as ‘Negative’.

Finally, you don’t want any of the residual solvents like ethanol to be present along with the CBD.

What You Do Want In The CoA

You want less than 0.3% THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in the CBD products. The CoA must tell you exactly how much of CBD, terpenes, chromenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids are present in the CBD product.

Although the CoA may look complex, just keep in mind to make a mental check-off list: Pesticides, Solvents, Metal solvents, CBD, THC, Terpenes. If you see that the CoA confirms all of the things that you want there, and you find none of the things that shouldn’t be there—well, then you might want to place an order and get started along with your CBD journey!

Good quality CBD products make for a truly successful and fruitful experience…