CBD Flower Pipes Vs CBD Flower Pens

CBD Flower Pipes
CBD Flower Pipes

CBD flower is the flower of the hemp plant that contains all essential compounds of the plant. It includes CBD, traces of THC, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and hemp terpenes. If you have planned to go ahead with consuming CBD flower, you would have to choose an appropriate intake method. Vaping and smoking are two available methods of CBD flower intake. To vape CBD flower, you would need a flower pen and if you prefer smoking the flower, you would require a flower pipe.

What Are CBD Flower Pipes?

Pipes have been in use for thousands of years ago to smoke herbs, and the method remains in trend even today. In this mode of intake, the CBD flower placed in the pipe is lightened on fire to produce smoke that is then inhaled through the pipe’s mouthpiece.

From small, portable pipes to aesthetic glass water pipes and bongs, the options in flower pipes are several.

What Are CBD Flower Pens?

Flower pens are in fact, a different version of flower pipes. However, they are used to vaporize CBD flowers while flower pipe is used to smoke CBD flowers. On using flower pens, you are inhaling the vapors of the flower and not it’s smoke. Flower pens come with various added features that allow the adjustment of vaping temperature.

Two types of CBD pens are available in the market. The first type uses conduction while the second uses convection. It is generally recommended to use convection CBD flower pens because the inhalation of vapors is smoother, as a liquid is used to heat up the flower. Convection flower pens heat up the herbs evenly.

Advantages Of Flower Pipes

  • No technical expertise is required for the operation of flower pipes.
  • Because flower pipes have been in use for thousands of years, people are more familiar with its use than flower pens.
  • Flower pipes are available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs and colors.

Disadvantages Of Flower Pipes

  • There are chances for it to be fragile
  • Require frequent cleaning lest the pipe will be blocked by the residue from burning of the herb
  • The pungent aroma of the smoke decreases the discreetness of the method.

Advantages Of Flower Pens

  • Offers a CBD experience that is more consistent than that offered by flower pipes
  • Non-combustible
  • Better discreetness
  • Better variety of options

Disadvantages Of Flower Pens

  • occasional malfunctioning
  • lesser options in visual designs

CBD users make the choice of flower pipes or pens based on their personal preferences. If you do not like smoking, you may confidently go ahead with the choice of flower pipes.