Using CBD For Herpes

CBD For Herpes
CBD For Herpes

Many people have herpes. It is estimated that 66% of the population is infected by Herpes Simplex 1 virus. The virus can result in painful breakouts in the genital and oral regions. The sores can be really painful and uncomfortable. This makes it important to clear the sores quickly.

CBD might be an effective remedy for herpes, but many people may not have heard of using CBD for herpes. Here, we will discuss how CBD can help to clear active sores and prevent future breakouts.

CBD For Herpes: Working 

All types of herpes medication are either anti-inflammatory or antiviral and CBD is both an anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. Usually, a herpes outbreak occurs during a cold or flu or during times of emotional stress, or periods. During an outbreak, the virus actively attacks the cells in the mucous membrane. This is the reason for outbreaks happening in the mucosal regions in the genital areas and mouth.

The cells will be damaged by the virus attack which triggers the white blood cells to launch a counter-attack. All these attacks and counter-attacks will lead to inflammation, pain, and the appearance of herpes blisters and sores. CBD functions by binding with the ECS that regulates balance (homeostasis). The antiviral and anti-inflammatory traits of CBD can help control the inflammation of the virus.

Using CBD To Control Herpes 

CBD-infused topical products are used by many people to treat heroes. These creams and topical products are applied directly to the sores from herpes infection. However, the most undeviating and expeditious way to use CBD for herpes is in the form of CBD oil. When compared to CBD creams, CBD oil is more potent. This is because CBD oil can pack more molecules in a small volume and can clear the herpes sores and virus faster.

It is advisable to be cautious while picking the CBD product for treating the condition of herpes. This is mainly because of the presence of numerous low-quality CBD products in the market, which will not be an effective treatment option. Make sure to buy a reliable CBD product that has a good amount of CBD in it. Checking the certificate of analysis and buying the products of reputable CBD manufacturers will help you ensure this. These products might be costly, but buying them is better than wasting your money on ineffective products that contain very little to no CBD.