Various Medical Conditions And Their Response To CBD

Response To CBD
Response To CBD

In the past decade, many types of research and studies have made some discoveries about using cannabidiol (CBD), and the potency of the compound to treat many medical conditions is under investigation. Nevertheless, it is crucial to know that the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol is reaching far to the people, and the treatment of these few conditions is regarded as something that is very less when compared to the value of the compound.

Listed below are some of the major medical conditions that respond to treatment using cannabidiol.


Researches and studies on using CBD for epilepsy are regarded as some of the most advanced among all the researches that are conducted on using CBD for treating various ailments. A biopharmaceutical brand has already created a cannabidiol-based-anti-epileptic drug – Epidiolex, which contains isolated CBD and has found to be successful in phase three clinal trials for treating Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet’s Syndrome. Both these conditions affect children who are not responsive to conventional medications. These can result in premature death and cause several seizures every day.

Successful phase three trails are regarded as the initial steps to approve new drugs for treating epilepsy. Researchers have conducted tests regarding the effects of cannabidiol in trails on 120 children who were in the age group two to eighteen. The reviewed study was then published in the year 2017 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study found that cannabidiol reduced seizure in forty-three percent of people successfully by more than half. People who were given cannabidiol experienced a reduction in seizures on an average from 12.6 to 14.1 a month. In five percent of patients, the seizures disappeared completely when given CBD.


Some popular trails on CBD have pointed out the anti-cancerous properties of CBD that helps in neutralizing the growth of cancer-causing cells. Cannabidiol has caused the self-destruction of tumor cells in laboratory models of breast cancer through a process called apoptosis or “cell suicide”.

Normal cells are found to undergo destruction processes if they are diseased or damaged. Nevertheless, cancer-causing cells would stop responding to certain signals thereby triggering suicide.

Using CBD is considered an effective way of treatment for cancer-causing cells in the breast even when many other types of cells have responded to CBD in preclinical researches. CBD is also used in patients who have undergone chemotherapy, for reducing the pain that affects the patients after numerous chemotherapies.