What Are The Popular CBD Product Types?

CBD Product Types
CBD Product Types

When it comes to CBD infused products, you have quite a wide selection of options that suit your convenience and lifestyle. The strong support of scientific evidence gives confidence to users to continue CBD usage. The strength of the product, its intake method, body metabolism of the user, and dosage are some of the factors that influence the effects of CBD in our body. For the best CBD products that offer the optimum benefits, you can visit greeny.com.

In this article, we walk you through the various product types in CBD.

Sublingual CBD

When the cannabidiol content in oral CBD products reaches the stomach, it has to bypass the liver, an action that reduces the percentage of CBD that finally enters the bloodstream. Oral intake methods like sublingual administering are developed to address the issue of the drop in the levels of CBD absorbed.

When you take CBD sublingually, you measure out the sublingual product in the ideal doses and hold it under your tongue for not less than a minute. The sublingual glands act as the channels through which CBD enters the bloodstream.

Commonly used sublingual products are CBD oils and tinctures.

Topical CBD

If you prefer external use of CBD to internal use, CBD topicals are the right choice you can make. These topical formulations infused with CBD are meant for exclusive external use, with numerous applications in skincare and pain management. CBD creams, lotions, and ointments are some of the popular CBD topicals.

CBD infused topicals are used for relieving pain in the joints and muscles. The hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD explain its popularity in skincare.


Hemp in its raw form is less known for its taste. If you expect a CBD product that comes without any additional flavors to taste good naturally, you would be disappointed. Raw hemp has a characteristic earthy flavor. Taking CBD in the form of edibles is one of the easiest CBD intake methods that give a pleasant CBD experience. The flavors in the edibles help mask the raw taste of hemp.

Vape CBD

If the quickest possible effects of CBD is what you expect, vaping is an attractive choice for you. Heating the CBD vape product (for ex. CBD vape oil) to the right temperature and inhaling the vapors produced is how CBD vaping works.

In addition to the above-discussed product types, you have smokable CBD, CBD suppositories, and CBD dabs to choose from.