Preventing CBD Crystallization

CBD Crystallization
CBD Crystallization

CBD is a cannabinoid that is highly prone to crystallization, unlike another active cannabinoid THC that does not crystallize much. The term crystallization refers to the solidification of atoms and molecules into the form of a crystal.

Crystallization is a normal process. In fact, activated CBD that has concentrations above 55% tends to crystallize spontaneously. The process is common with highly concentrated CBD.

When Does CBD Crystallization Become An Issue?

The crystallized form of CBD is difficult to use. If you are going to use it for vaping, you will have to convert the crystals back to the liquid phase first. If you vape crystallized vape oil, you will only get liquid components of the vape oil including liquid terpenes and carrier oil. No CBD will reach your system.

A higher concentration of CBD in vape oil is what increases the chances of its crystallization.

Misconceptions About Crystallized Vape Oil 

There are several misconceptions about crystallized CBD vape oil and we address them here to educate people about the truths of it. The misconceptions include:

  • Crystallized CBD vape oil is defective

              CBD vape oil coming in crystallized form does not mean that it is defective.

  • Crystallized CBD oil is harmful

 Crystallization is a natural phenomenon that is quite common with CBD vape oil of high concentration. Crystallization does not indicate that the vape oil will cause the users any harm.

What Is The Solution For The Crystallization Of CBD?

The commonly adopted solution to avoid crystallization is ensuring that the concentration of CBD in the vape oil is kept below 55%. This concentration level can be achieved by using more terpenes and carrier oil in the vape oil.

The melting point of CBD is around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Raising the temperature of your highly concentrated vape oil lets the CBD crystals melt into a liquid form. This is the right method to employ if you are sure that your product should have its concentration between 60% and 98%.

If you happen to find out that your vape cart has crystallized, you can try the following remedial measure: put the vape cart in a waterproof bag and seal it. Run the bag under hot water for a few minutes to allow CBD crystals to melt and turn to their liquid form. After the crystals have melted, do not rush into using the vape cart as it will still be hot. Let it cool and use after some time.

Crystallization of CBD isn’t something that you need to worry about much. Some simple methods would be enough to solve the issue.