CBD And Gum Disease

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

Of the barrage of CBD benefits that we are thrown with, there is another reason to rejoice as this miracle drug can help those who have gum diseases as well. We will be looking into what gum diseases are and how CBD can make a positive impact in the lives of those who are victims of gum disease. Read on…

Understanding what Gum Diseases Are

Ask a dentist what matters most after teeth, and they will most definitely say the gums! After all, the nourishment and the health of the teeth are closely tied to the gums; in the same way, the health of the plant is linked to the roots digging into the ground. Those who suffer from bad gums have a whole load of other health conditions linked to it. These are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Strokes

How does that even relate and make sense you may ask. The theory is that the bacteria from the rotten gums travel with food from your mouth to every other extremity of your body. Just as good as placing a welcome mat for bacterias to make a way into your sacred abode, that you call your body. There are two main kinds of gum diseases which are Periodontitis and Gingivitis.

Gingivitis is what comes first by means of poor dental hygiene and the formation of excessive plaque. In certain cases, viruses and bacterias can also be the reason to cause it. The various symptoms you will be of gingivitis include swollen bleeding gums and terrible breath. Not a nice sight even for you to imagine!

Periodontitis is what happens if you continue doing nothing. The infection festers and builds up in your body, turning the situation life-threatening, most of the time! The symptoms will start with receding gums, pus, and inflamed bleeding gums.

How CBD Can Help Fight Gingivitis

CBD has made its mark on societies and the world at large, with its strong and potent anti-inflammatory effects. The CBD molecules effectively stop bacterial build-up, thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of CBD. Further, the CBD helps in healing and repairing broken tissue and gum, allowing the bleeding to slowly recede and the swelling to follow suit as well.

CBD pain relief is another selling point thanks to its interaction with key systems in the human body that control pain, mood, and even the effectiveness of the immune system. The nerve signals are slowed down and dulled out to give you a sigh of relief!

You have plenty of reasons to choose CBD, and now there is yet another one!