How Can CBD Help Asthma Patients?

CBD For Asthma
CBD For Asthma

Around 300 million people around the world are suffering from asthma. It is a chronic respiratory disorder that causes difficulty in breathing. Asthma is caused by the inflammations in the air passages that result in the narrowing of airways. When the airways get narrowed, the transfer of oxygen to the lungs gets disrupted. Currently, there is no permanent cure available for asthma, but with proper treatment, you can reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Breathing is extremely difficult for an asthmatic person. Environmental factors like cold, dust, and fumes can tighten the band of muscles around the air passages. This may result in shortness of breath and wheezing in asthmatic patients. Even though there is no effective solution for asthma, it is manageable. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, scientists are suggesting CBD for its treatment.

CBD For Asthma

Some research shows that CBD can act as a bronchodilator. During an asthma attack, the bronchioles of the asthmatic person become constricted and reduce the flow of oxygen. CBD has the ability to dilate the respiratory passages and opens up the bronchioles making it easier to breathe. People affected by asthma suffer from low levels and persistent inflammations of bronchioles. These inflammations increases during the asthma attack. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce these inflammations and improves the breathing of the person.

Asthma patients often suffer from muscular spasm or bronchospasm. This condition causes contraction and constriction of muscles in the lungs. During an asthma attack, the bronchioles contract, narrows, and become inflamed which leads to thinning of air passages and shortness of breath. A study conducted in 2014 showed that CBD has the ability to reduce muscular spasms. The research disclosed that CBD and alpha-penine present in the cannabis strains help in relieving muscular spasms.

How To Use CBD Oil For Asthma?

Research conducted in the early 70s found out that smoking cannabis can help us in many ways. It will widen the respiratory air passages and totally improve the lung’s condition as compared to the smoking of tobacco. But people are still hesitant to smoke cannabis. Another effective way of using CBD for asthma treatment is by using CBD vaporizers. Vaporizing CBD oil will provide the maximum amount of CBD concentration which will benefit in the treatment of asthma.

You can try CBD vaporizers or tinctures for getting immediate relief from the asthma attack without irritating the body. CBD can improve the overall body functions of asthma patients. Proper control over a chronic respiratory illness like asthma is necessary to avoid worsening of symptoms.