A Brief Guide To CBD Suppositories

Use CBD Suppositories
Use CBD Suppositories

CBD came into the spotlight a few years ago when the US Senate in 2018 legalized hemp-derived products in the country. CBD is one of the several active cannabinoid compounds that can be found in the hemp and marijuana plants. The main reason for the popularity of CBD is its medical benefits.

Even though CBD is present in the marijuana plants, the CBD manufacturers mainly extract it from the hemp plant. This is because the CBD content in the hemp plant is higher when compared to marijuana and also the THC content in the hemp is very low. According to federal law, the THC content in CBD products should be less than 0.3 %. Also, marijuana is still illegal in most states.

CBD is available in many forms in the market and each offers different benefits. Some of the different forms of CBD are CBD gummies, CBD pills, CBD tinctures, CBD vapes, CBD topicals, etc. One of the newly introduced forms of CBD is the CBD suppositories. Statistics are showing that CBD suppositories are becoming very popular among CBD users.

What Is A CBD Suppository?

CBD suppositories are one of the new delivery methods of CBD that is getting popular among people these days. This delivery method usually involves a rocket-shaped capsule shoved into the rectum or vagina. Many observational studies are showing that it is one of the most effective CBD delivery methods when compared to CBD pills and CBD topicals. With this method, the CBD will reach the bloodstream quickly and provides stronger effects of CBD.

There are different types of CBD suppositories available in the market that can be used for the treatment of different health conditions. According to some of the recent studies, this kind of CBD delivery method is very effective in alleviating different forms of pain that affect your body without causing any psychoactive effects.

Benefits Of CBD Suppositories

The studies on the effects of CBD on your body is very limited. That means, there are only a few studies that looked into the health benefits of using CBD suppositories. The experts are claiming that CBD suppositories have a higher absorption rate than any other delivery methods of CBD. Higher bioavailability is always an added benefit for any CBD consumption method and in the case of CBD suppositories, the bioavailability is high.

The oral consumption of CBD only has an absorption rate of 20% and the CBD vapes only offer an absorption rate between 30% and 55%. When you insert a CBD suppository into the body, the mucous membranes and internal cellular walls will absorb the CBD. Then the CBD will spread to the nearby organs rapidly and the bloodstream quickly absorbs the CBD so that you will start experiencing its effects.

Since CBD suppositories offer faster absorption of CBD, it is one of the effective delivery methods for alleviating some health conditions, like anxiety, nausea, pain, etc. It is also observed that CBD suppositories are the best CBD delivery methods for the treatment of different forms of gastrointestinal diseases.

We know that CBD works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system present in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Our pelvic region contains a host of nerves and there is a myriad of CB1 and CB2 receptors present in our colon. When you use a rectal CBD suppository, the CBD will interact with these cannabinoid receptors and helps in alleviating hemorrhoids and decrease inflammations.

When compared to men, CBD suppositories are more beneficial for women. According to studies, more than 90 % of women experience PMS and studies have shown that CBD is an effective remedy for the symptoms of PMS. Menstrual pain is very common in women and alleviating it is very effective with a CBD suppository. You can insert a cylinder-shaped CBD suppository into the vagina and experience menstrual pain relief.

How ToUse CBD Suppositories?

Before you insert the CBD suppository, it needs to be firm and you need to store it in a fridge or freezer before using it. When inserting it into the rectum, you need to make sure that the pointed end of the CBD suppository is going in first. The suppository should reach the inner anal sphincter, so you have to insert it up to around 4 cm.

It is recommended to lie down on your side and pull up your knees to the chest while inserting the CBD suppository into the rectum. The process of inserting CBD suppository into the vagina is also similar. You may have to clean the vaginal area properly before inserting the CBD suppository. You can lie on your back with knees bent for inserting CBD suppository. You can insert it into the vagina as far as it can go.